Osensei (Great Teacher)

The Founder of Aikido is Morihei Ueshiba Osensei.

The martial discipline of Aikido was developed, refined and so named through our Founder's rigorous daily practice and continuous study of numerous classical Japanese Martial Ways and Philosophies.

With no contests or matches of skill, size or strength, no winner or loser, the concepts and practical applications of Aikido are practiced and developed mindfully following our Founder’s philosophy and practice methodology.

One must diligently practice and apply a sharp martial attitude and mindset, "Shinken Shobu," along with constant repetition and refinement of the basics to develop a strong foundation on which to build natural reaction and immediate response.

Upon applying the proper mindset and methods to rigorous practice, one prepares mentally and physically to apply and protect oneself without hesitation where the sincerity of practice may be needed and put to the test.

The unlimited potential following our Founder's path awaits those willing to make the effort and put in the work.

Friends of Los Angeles Aikikai

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  • Chushinkan Dojo (Buena Park)
  • Aikido Academy Los Angeles
  • North Valley Aikikai (Northridge)
  • Kenshinkan Dojo (Vista)
  • Orange County Aikikai (Orange)
  • Aikido Sho Bi Juku/Five Changes (Santa Monica)
  • Aikido Kobayashi Ryu (Lyon, France)
  • Bakersfield Budo 
  • Beach Cities Aikido (Seal Beach)
  • Fudoshin Dojo (Santa Ana)
  • Kaizenshinkan Dojo (Escondido)
  • Laguna Hills Aikikai
  • Aikido Daiwa (Burbank)
  • Aikido Kenkyukai International (Santa Barbera/Los Angeles)
  • Glendale Aikikai
  • Satorishin Aikido (Santa Ana)
  • City Aikido (Los Angeles)
  • Southland Aikido (Monterey Park)
  • The Dojo (West Los Angeles)
  • Jiai Aikido (San Diego)