Testing is held on the last Sunday of March and September unless otherwise noted on the Dojo calendar.

A combination of class and seminar attendance are required for testing eligibility.

All ranks are required to attend 3 scheduled seminars within 1 year of their last test. 

Black Belt testing is by the recommendation of our Chief Instructor.

All Dojo members are encouraged to participate and be available the day of the test to support those testing and take falls if needed.

All those testing must attend the morning practice before the test.

Dojo Testing Requirements:

Shodan (Black Belt) - 1 year from 1st Kyu promotion  

1st Kyu - 80 classes from 2nd Kyu promotion  

2nd Kyu - 80 classes from 3rd Kyu promotion

3rd Kyu - 70 classes from 4th Kyu promotion

4th Kyu - 70 classes from 5th Kyu promotion

5th Kyu - 60 classes from 6th Kyu promotion

6th Kyu - 60 classes from date of membership enrollment

Kids Test (5-12 years old) - 50 classes between tests                                    

Testing Fees:

Black Belt Test   50.00

Kyu Test   30.00

Kids Test   20.00