One who wishes to go along the creative road of the Universe must strive to study the reality of the Universe with his body and mind united.

At any and every moment one should strive to mindfully follow the spirit of the Universe in thought, speech and deed.

Everything in the world shares the same spirit with that of the Universe and the environment we share.

All natural phenomena, both physical and metaphysical, come from one infinite Universal source.

It is a duty of one who practices Aikido to match feeling with the spirit of the Universe, day by day, so that one's relationship with others may foster peace and happiness in the world.

The way of the warrior is to protect life, reconcile the world and foster the completion of one's mission in relation to All.

Those who follow the path of Aikido should have mind and action united with that of the Universe and help the Divine succeed in fostering Universal Harmony between Heaven and Earth.