Class Schedule


6 - 8 pm   Adults/Teens


6 - 8 pm   Adults/Teens


6 - 8 pm   Adults/Teens


6 - 8 pm   Adults/Teens


6 - 8 pm    Instructors Training


9 - 11 am   Adults/Teens


9 - 11 am   Adults/Teens


All classes, except those designated for instructors training, are open to LAAK members and visitors. 

Seminars scheduled periodically throughout the year will replace a regularly scheduled class depending on the day.

Classes start on time so please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled practice time.

Members are advised to use their own bokken and jo during all classes and seminars.

Membership Fees

Adult Members

Additional Adult Family Member

$125  Monthly

$75  Monthly

Student Members 

$100  Monthly

Additional Student Family Member

$50  Monthly

Adult Annual Membership

$1,250  Yearly

Student Annual Membership

$1,000  Yearly

Visitor Mat Fee


Privates (1 hour)

Uniform (Dogi)




Dojo membership includes unlimited classes and eligibility for Kyu/Dan testing. 

Membership dues should be paid monthly regardless of how many classes one attends during any month. 

Please make an effort to attend class regularly and support scheduled seminars.

All visitors are asked to please fill out the dojo waiver form before the start of class.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Bakersfield Budo aikido Kobayashi Ryu seminar

Opportunities to attend seminars are held throughout the year with here locally and abroad.

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Private Lessons


Private lessons are available for students who cannot attend regular classes or would like additional options of training.

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Testing is part of the curriculum to allow students to set goals and demonstrate their skills.

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