Chief Instructor: Robert Ishibashi

Years: 1983 to Present


Assistant Chief Instructor: Jeffrey J. Annon

Years: 1980 to Present


Self-Defense Instructor: David Ishibashi

Years: 1969 to Present

Law Enforcement

  • Police Officer Inglewood Police Department         1990 - 1999
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Team Member 
  • Self-Defense Instructor              

Sergeant of Major Crimes and Special Response Team Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office Bureau of Investigation                                                                                     1999 to Present

  • Major Crimes
  • Special Response Team
  • Force Instructor

Instructor: Don Metcalf

Years: 1988 to Present


Instructor: Octavio Rivas

Years: 1993 to Present



Instructor: Jackson Jean

Years: 1997 to Present



Instructor: Evan Townsley

Years: 1993 to Present