A Brief History


Founded in 1956, Los Angeles Aiki Kai is the oldest Aikido Dojo on the United States mainland. 

The original Dojo was located in the "Seinan" (Jefferson Crenshaw) area of Los Angeles and relocated to its current location in Los Angeles, bordering Culver City, in 1967.

As we move forward, providing more than 60 years of service, we mindfully foster our mission set forth by our teachers and our Founder to facilitate practice for the martial discipline of Aikido.  

Our Chief Instructor is Robert Ishibashi, 6th Dan.


Our Mission

"To facilitate the martial discipline of Aikido for self-development, self-discipline and self-protection."

"To foster a martial practice with determination, compassion and mutual benefit for All."

"To inspire self-effort, self-health and self-inquiry."



Mizukami Dojo


The Mizukami Dojo is named after Chief Instructor Daniel Mizukami Sensei who's dedication and passion for Aikido and the students of Los Angeles Aiki Kai spanned more than 55 years. 

The Dojo is an 60 tatami mat space with a rich history of instruction from many of our Founder's greatest disciples and their affiliates of Aikido here in the United States and abroad.

We are fortunate to have practiced with these great teachers and their students during the last 60 years and it is is our mission to continue to have an open door for any and all who practice Aikido.


Aikido Image

The “Aikido Image” was designed in early 1961 by Los Angeles Aiki Kai Chief Instructor Clement Yoshida Sensei and is intended to represent, in a simple visual signal, the basic concepts of Aikido.

Graphically, the image consists of three black crescent shapes arranged to form a triangle on a white circle enclosed by a golden ring.

The three black crescents represent the Body, Heaven and Earth.

The white circle represents the Mind or Ki.

Both the triangle and circle are important forms in applying Aikido technique (i.e. triangular posture and circular movement).

Black symbolizes the infinite capacity of man.

White stands for purity of the Aikido ideal.

Gold signifies the “Golden Vapor” that enveloped Osensei at the moment of enlightenment, realizing the Aikido philosophy.